I had acne in my back for the past 12 years since I started working. I saw many dermatologist but I gave up trying to take antibiotics as it would always come back. Eventually, I made some lifestyle changes and stopped smoking a couple years ago and I thought the acne in my back might go away, but that didn’t work. I thought it might be related to my diet so I decided to see a Nutritionist. Natalia is an amazing person with lots of positive energy and a broad knowledge. Natalia was spot on, she was able to give me the knowledge I needed to make the changes to reach my goal. More than 8 months later, I know I finally got rid of it and I know what to do if it comes back. Thank you Natalia for helping me reach this important goal.

Philippe M - Entrepreneur

Natalia is extremely knowledgeable about just about everything to do with nutrition e.g. what to eat and which supplements to take, in order to look after one’s health in the optimal way. She is very approachable and helpful and has always been there for me when I have had any questions at all concerning my diet or regime. I feel I have made a friend and someone who genuinely cares about my health and who will be there for me. I am so pleased I have Natalia in my life.

Alex B - History Teacher and Editor

My stress levels were rising out of control. The more I was trying to do something about this and the more I was getting myself into a worse situation. I found myself in meetings and not able to think properly, and not just for lack of sleep. I discovered with Natalia that my cortisol levels were so high that my body was constantly in a fight or flight mode. Natalia allowed me to step back and rethink about how I could help my body help me. Starting from making small sustainable changes to my lifestyle, which had a huge impact on my wellbeing. I could not believe how the results changed my life in the long term and not just with short-term quick fixes.

Eric - Managing Director, Investment Bank

I was not well. Not really unwell, but not well. Headaches, frequent bouts of cystitis, very low energy. A friend recommended that I consult Natalia Otero. I did. When I made the booking over the phone, Natalia patiently listened to my symptoms, and we fixed a day and a time for my first consultation.  This all took place a couple of months ago in London and now, many blood tests and other ‘less so glamorous’ tests later, I feel much better. I follow a good healthy diet, allowing myself to sin every now and again – but knowing how to get back on track the following day. I take quite a few supplements, never crave anything, and I am happy to eat when  meal time comes.

We are all different from one another.  However all our bodies were meant to work well and smoothly. Natalia seems to understand what’s in the way of a proper functioning.  I have the feeling that my body is a well oiled mechanism and there is not much I have to do for it to work. I just enjoy the results. Thank you Natalia.

Stefania P

Working with Natalia has always been an absolute pleasure. Her knowledge and understanding of health and nutrition is outstanding and I learn more and more from her every time I see her! She is incredibly caring and compassionate and amazingly loyal and I feel incredibly lucky to know her and have the opportunities to work along side her.

Chloe Hodgson - Chloe’s Pilates

Being a Personal Trainer and working in a demanding environment, not only takes its toll on you physically but mentally as well. I was at a stage where I was reaching burnout, working massive shifts at the gym, seeing 25+ clients a week and adding my own training on top of it all. Needless to say my body started to shut down and my nutrition was out the window. I had the opportunity of meeting with Natalia just before breaking point. Her approachable, welcoming and friendly nature made me warm to her instantly. She was incredibly caring and sympathetic to my situation and coupled with her vast knowledge of Health, Nutrition and Wellbeing she came up with a plan for me to follow to get right back on track. From the delicious food options and correct supplementation that she recommended, I was able to get my energy back and get my mind on track. Our bodies are incredible machines and Natalia taught me the correct way to treat it and feed it what is needed. Thank you Natalia.

Blake - Personal Trainer, Lomax Gym

I cannot recommend Natalia enough. She has the ability to really listen and in return, provide feedback and advice that is specific to your lifestyle goals. Her advice is not about designing a diet but rather working with you to create a sustainable and healthy eating plan. She has a very welcoming, non intimidating approach. I am now more aware of how to adjust my daily routine in small, achievable steps to improve my overall health and well-being.

Anita M

I was amazed at Natalia’s generosity of her time, spirit, kindness and deeply genuine interest. Her in depth knowledge was truly astonishing (and so accurately in different languages at her fingertip as well). Natalia’s monitoring and after care was unique.

Mary - London
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